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I’ve been going to Daneaya and Carla for about a year. I initially went in, in hopes of changing some aspects in my life. I found out quickly my whole life would be changed and I would be gaining life time friends. My life has been transformed and each time I go I gain tools to help me in my everyday life. We have worked on clearing past traumas, working with triggers as well as healing my brain and body. Every time I leave a session I feel lighter and release a lot the following days. Hypnosis has helped me work with subconscious healing and rewiring of the aspects I wanted to change. Body talk helps deepen the hypnosis and clear my physical issues. I am so grateful to have found these two, thank you for helping me become who I am today!


I came to Daneaya and Carla in desperate need of help. I was depressed and anxious beyond measure; barely functioning on a day to day basis. Not only have they helped me to get back up on my feet, but they have helped to me to rediscover my joy in life and in myself. They are both an absolute joy to be around too! I can’t think of two better people on the whole planet and I can’t imagine going to anyone else for the wonderful services that they provide. 


My husband and I have had wonderful and surprising results from the time spent with Carla and Daneaya. My husband was referred by a friend of his that had fantastic success with her personal situation, so we thought we would give it a try.  We have each had appointments with the ladies and have compared our experiences with each other.  It is quite apparent that the connection that this team has is very beneficial to the patients.  We have noticed an overall feeling of relaxation  and calm that will carry on into the rest of the day and points forward.  With both of us employed, it is rare that we feel relaxed and calm on most days. We will be exploring the other treatment options that are available from Daneaya and Carla. We are both very satisfied, appreciative and happy we connected with this team.

R.&D. V.

I’ve been seeing Daneaya for about a year and recently had a session with both these amazing healers (Danayea and Carla), and the changes I have seen and felt in myself are truly astounding. I have longed to feel the peace in my heart and head for years. Working with these beautiful souls has afforded me not only peace but a deep understanding of this long journey. Thank you both for the freedom I never knew existed. I am forever grateful.

 In addition to my own healing Carla and Daneaya did distant healing on my Grandson while he was in the hospital, (he had terrible accident and required some pretty big surgery) and a lot of healing Jack made a miraculous turnaround within a day of these beauties working on him. (Fr totally intubated to walking across the room in 24 hrs). So Blessed. 


Over a year ago I began working with Daneaya and Carla for Hypnotherapy and Body Talk.
The space they create for deep transformation impacted me dramatically, so much so that I brought my husband and children to them as well. We were all immediately very comfortable with them. Through our sessions we are confident that the healing process in our lives is supported by the work they do. I have sent friends to Daneaya and Carla as well, and they too have seen it phenomenal results, as we all come into sessions looking to accomplish different things. It’s a joy in my life to know these two beautiful humans, I am grateful for their guidance, and look forward to continuing to work with them through the years.


I began my hypnotherapy treatments with Daneaya, only to hear her talk about this amazing woman named Carla. When Daneaya told me her and Carla were starting to offer combo sessions of Bodytalk and Hypnotherapy, I just had to try it out. I have a fair bit of physical pain throughout my spine and pelvis due to a long torso and hyper-mobility, so I’m willing to try anything to feel better. After my first session, I left feeling like I was walking on air, virtually pain-free!! I love self-work, and if you’ve ever dug deep into your subconscious mind with hypnotherapy you know that it can get pretty intense and emotional. While Daneaya held excellent space and helped me raise my vibration, Carla’s magical Bodytalk helped me stay grounded. The combo of hypnosis working on my subconscious mind while Carla works on my physical body is a breathtaking and miraculous experience. I have tried MANY different healing modalities with MANY different practitioners, and while I believe every one helped some, these two women combined together sped things up exponentially. I prefer to work out my issues as quickly and efficiently as possible, rather than dragging them out over long periods of time. It’s like taking a rocket to the moon VS a bus. Thank you Carla & Daneaya for everything you’ve done and continue to do in support of my health and well-being. I look forward to continuing to work together!


Hi Carla. I’m reaching out to let you know how much I appreciate you. Your hard work and amazing insight is giving me an amazing life experience, I am so happy to have met someone like you and share this incredible energy together. Thanks for everything you do


Working with Daneaya and Carla has been such a pleasure. I have had dozens of sessions with them, most of which were in person, but now that we’re on lockdown we’ve shifted into connecting online and I can’t even tell the difference! Daneaya’s voice is still soothing and Carla is so powerful that the distance is irrelevant! Everything feels exactly the same, except for the fact that I don’t get any hugs! I highly recommend an online session if you’re not able to be there in person.


My experience with hypnotherapy and Body Talk was at first through my partner going to sessions and encouraging me to also go. I was skeptical and was not sure it was going to be something for me, I called it voodoo magic, jokingly.

My reasons for going were to quit smoking marijuana primarily, something which I have struggled with for over twenty years, I was a CHRONIC. My first session was emotional to say the least, though I was very comfortable with being able to share my problems and have no judgements being made, and more so encouraged that I was not the only person struggling. 

I was and still am surprised how much Hypnotherapy and Body Talk helped me, I’m now six months marijuana free, after being a daily heavy chronic smoker. Something I never dreamed I could stop! 

I gave Daneaya and Carla a big hug after one of my first sessions upon quitting smoking, I am NOT a hugger but I was so thankful that these two amazing ladies helped me through this. I still jokingly call it voodoo magic, and they’re good witches

I would recommend anyone going through anything troubling in life to give Hypnotherapy and or Body Talk a go, you’ve got nothing to loose and so so much more to gain!

Yours, chronic and hazy days free,


I have been going to Daneaya for hypnotherapy sessions once a month for about a year now, and these sessions have been truly life changing for me. We have done body talk with hypnotherapy, sessions with Carla doing body talk as well, and currently are doing Zoom sessions from the comfort of my own home. Working with Daneaya has helped me to move through grief, process past trauma, heal my body, and change my mindset in both my personal life and my business. She holds space with such caring and grace while helping you to work through the obstacles that are keeping you from meeting your highest self. I always leave feeling like I am in a warm bubble, calmer and lighter in spirit.  


Carla is a very skilled BodyTalk practitioner that has helped me a number of times
over the past few years with both physical and emotional struggles. When I have
that feeling that something is off in my system but I’m not quite sure how to move
forward, I book an appointment with Carla and am always appreciative at the
subtle yet powerful and profound results. I recommend Carla to anyone looking to
delve a little deeper into themselves and work on healing wounds.
Lisa Horvath BA (Psy.) MACP

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