My experience with hypnotherapy and Body Talk was at first through my partner going to sessions and encouraging me to also go. I was skeptical and was not sure it was going to be something for me, I called it voodoo magic, jokingly.

My reasons for going were to quit smoking marijuana primarily, something which I have struggled with for over twenty years, I was a CHRONIC. My first session was emotional to say the least, though I was very comfortable with being able to share my problems and have no judgements being made, and more so encouraged that I was not the only person struggling. 

I was and still am surprised how much Hypnotherapy and Body Talk helped me, I’m now six months marijuana free, after being a daily heavy chronic smoker. Something I never dreamed I could stop! 

I gave Daneaya and Carla a big hug after one of my first sessions upon quitting smoking, I am NOT a hugger but I was so thankful that these two amazing ladies helped me through this. I still jokingly call it voodoo magic, and they’re good witches

I would recommend anyone going through anything troubling in life to give Hypnotherapy and or Body Talk a go, you’ve got nothing to loose and so so much more to gain! 

Yours, chronic and hazy days free,