The Ultimate Body-Mind-Soul Reset

Imagine being able to reset your body, mind, AND spirit all at the same time.

We can invoke change in ANY area of you life with this unique 4 week series that combines hypnosis with Bodytalk and floating.

What You Get:

  • Four 90 minute floats, one per week. ($236 value)
  • One combined Hypnotherapy and Bodytalk session. ($300 value)
  • One individual Hypnotherapy session. ($150 value)

Your sessions are fully customizable according to your goals and desires. These healing modalities are a powerhouse-combo because your immune system is naturally stronger when you are in a state of hypnosis, and your body is better able to release any stored emotions and traumas. By strengthening and deepening one another, a space of true holistic healing is created.

Each week you will float for 60 minutes. The first week will be your combo session*, and the third week will be your individual hypnotherapy session.

Total Value: $686 Investment: $500 (You save $186!)

Register through FloatSpace.

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*It is recommended to book your combo session immediately after your float, but they can be on different days or times if you prefer.